heat treatment furnace steel suitable types

There are many kinds of steel suitable for heat treatment furnace, and different types of steel need more heat treatment processes, such as annealing heat treatment furnace, tempering heat treatment furnace, quenching heat treatment furnace, aging heat treatment furnace, etc. Steel is an iron carbon alloy with carbon content between 0.04% and 2.3%. In order to ensure its toughness and plasticity, the carbon content is generally not more than 1.7%. Besides iron and carbon, the main elements of steel include silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus. There are various classification methods of steel, which are summarized as follows:

1. Classification by quality

(1) Ordinary steel (2) high quality steel (3) high quality steel

2. classification by chemical composition

(1) Carbon steel: A. low carbon steel; B. medium carbon steel; C. high carbon steel

(2) Alloy steel: A. low alloy steel; B. medium alloy steel; C. high alloy steel

3. Classification by forming method

(2) Forged steel; (2) cast steel; (3) hot rolled steel; (4) cold drawn steel

4. Classification by use

(1) Construction and engineering steel: A. ordinary carbon structural steel; B. low alloy structural steel; C. reinforced steel.

(2) Structural steel

a. Steel for mechanical manufacturing: (a) quenched and tempered structural steel; (b) surface hardening structural steel: including carburizing steel, ammonia steel and surface hardening steel; (c) easy to cut structural steel; (d) cold plastic forming

Steel: including cold stamping steel and cold heading steel; B. spring steel; C. bearing steel

(3) Tool steel: A. carbon tool steel; B. alloy tool steel; C. high speed tool steel.

(4) Special performance steel: A. stainless and acid resistant steel; B. heat resistant steel: including oxidation resistant steel, heat-resistant steel and gas valve steel; C. electric heating alloy steel; D. wear-resistant steel; e. low temperature steel; F. Electrical Engineering


(5) Professional steel - such as bridge steel, ship steel, boiler steel, pressure vessel steel, agricultural machinery steel, etc.

5. Comprehensive classification

(1) ordinary steel

a. Carbon structural steel: (a) Q195; (b) Q215 (a, b); (c) Q235 (a, B, c); (d) q255 (a, b); (E) Q275.

b. Low alloy structural steel

c. General structural steel for specific purposes

(2) High quality steel (including high quality steel)

a. Structural steel: (a) high quality carbon structural steel; (b) alloy structural steel; (c) spring steel; (d) easy cutting steel; (E) bearing steel; (f) high quality structural steel for specific purposes.

b. Tool steel: (a) carbon tool steel; (b) alloy tool steel; (c) high speed tool steel.

c. Special performance steel: (a) stainless and acid resistant steel; (b) heat-resistant steel; (c) electric heating alloy steel; (d) electrical steel; (E) high manganese wear-resistant steel.

6. Classification by smelting method

(1) By furnace type

a. Open hearth steel: (a) acid open hearth steel; (b) basic open hearth steel.

b. Converter steel: (a) acid converter steel; (b) basic converter steel. Or (a) bottom blown converter steel; (b) side blown converter steel; (c) top blown converter steel.

c. Electric furnace steel: (a) electric arc furnace steel; (b) electroslag furnace steel; (c) induction furnace steel; (d) vacuum consumable furnace steel; (E) electron beam furnace steel.

(2) According to deoxidation degree and pouring system

. boiling steel; B. semi killed steel; C. killed steel; D. special killed steel.

7. Classification by shape

It can be divided into: A. profile, B. plate, C. pipe, D. metal products.

A. profiles:

Heavy rail, with a weight of more than 30 kg per meter (including crane rail); light rail, with a weight of less than or equal to 30 kg per meter.

Large section steel: ordinary steel round steel, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal steel, I-beam, channel steel, equal and unequal angle steel and threaded steel, etc. According to the size, it can be divided into large, medium and small steel wires: round steel and wire rod with diameter of 5-10 mm.

Cold formed section steel: section steel formed by cold bending of steel or steel strip.

High quality profile: high quality round steel, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal steel, etc.

B. Plate;

Sheet steel, 4 mm and less.

Thick steel plate, steel plate with thickness greater than 4mm. It can be divided into medium plate (thickness greater than 4mm but less than 20mm), thick plate (thickness greater than 20mm but less than 60mm) and extra thick plate (thickness greater than 60mm).

Steel strip, also called strip steel, is actually a long and narrow sheet steel supplied in coils.

Electrical silicon steel sheet, also known as silicon steel sheet or silicon steel sheet.

C. pipes:

Seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe with seamless pipe wall produced by hot rolling, hot rolling, cold drawing or extrusion, curling steel plate or strip into shape, and then welded into steel pipe.

d. Metalwork

Including steel wire, steel wire rope, steel strand, etc.

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