gas annealing furnace cleaning and maintenance

1、 Mechanical descaling method of gas annealing furnace: when there is loose scale and water slag in the gas heating furnace, the heating furnace shall be cooled and discharged after shutdown. After washing with clear water, the flat shovel, wire brush and motorized pipe milling machine can be used for descaling. This method is relatively simple, and is often used in small-scale heating furnace with simple scaling. However, it is easy to damage the furnace body due to its high labor intensity and poor descaling effect.

2、 Acid cleaning and descaling method of gas annealing furnace: most of the acid cleaning and descaling methods are cleaned by hydrochloric acid or nitric acid. Pickling solution is composed of hydrochloric acid plus corrosion inhibitor or nitric acid plus corrosion inhibitor. This pickling solution can not only eliminate the scale in the boiler, but also rarely corrode the gas boiler. Scale removal by pickling has the functions of dissolution, stripping and loosening.

3、 Scale removal by alkali boiling of gas annealing furnace: the effect of scale removal by alkali boiling is worse than that by acid pickling, but the scale is loose after alkali boiling, so the scale that is difficult to be removed by hydrochloric acid can also be treated by alkali boiling once before acid pickling. The alkali boiling method is easy to operate and has less side effects. The disadvantage is that the cooking time is longer, the consumption of chemicals is more, and the effect is poor.

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