four-stage filtration system of vacuum oil filter of detailed description

First stage: Primary filter (strong magnetic filter)

By the super magnetic material and stainless steel wire mesh composition (permanent magnetic stainless steel filter core, is conducive to the adsorption of large particles of impurities and metal iron filings in the oil), the accuracy of 200 mesh, only clean, do not need to replace.


Level 2: Secondary filter

It is made of stainless steel wire mesh and polymer composite material (Germany Yge), which can remove the small particles of impurities in the oil. The filter material has a carrying capacity of 2Kg. Under normal circumstances, the oil can filter more than 4000 tons continuously. The accuracy is 25um.

Third stage: coalescing water separation filter

The enhanced hydrophilic and hydrophobic technology is adopted to improve the interaction between oil and water phases, which accelerates the movement of small water droplets in oil and forms large water droplets which are separated from the oil and deposited in the water storage device.

Level 4: Precision filter

The fine filter material consists of stainless steel wire mesh and microporous filter membrane (imported from Germany). Membrane pores are evenly distributed. Use THE SORTING machine of MF. (Mechanical interception, absorption interception, bridging interception) particles smaller than the membrane aperture are blocked on the membrane surface, so that the fine impurities in the oil can be separated. The impurity particle size in the filtered oil is ≤5 m, and the cleanliness reaches NAS6~8. It can continuously filter oil up to 4000 tons and can be cleaned for 2-3 times.

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