explosion-proof vacuum oil filter of purpose and characteristics

I. BTY explosion-proof vacuum oil filter Purpose:

☆ Suitable for machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, electric power, transportation, railway and other industries, mainly used for mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigerated oil,

explosion-proof vacuum oil filter of purpose and characteristics

Heat treatment oil, diesel oil, gear oil, gasoline oil and other lubricating oil regeneration treatment.

Being used in industrial and mining enterprises, inflammable and explosive environment explosion-proof marks: Exd Ⅱ BT4, Exd Ⅱ CT4.

Ii. Explosion-proof vacuum oil filter Features:

1. The machine can be used for one machine and three purposes: it can be used independently for vacuum dewatering, degassing and impurity removal system, and can be used independently for regeneration system, or both at the same time.

2. The machine has the functions of dewatering, degelling and removing impurities of the general vacuum oil filter, and also has the function of regenerating the inferior oil. The regeneration system can effectively remove the acid value in the oil,

Polar substances such as free carbon. Improve oil quality, restore lubricating oil viscosity, flash point and service performance. Ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system.

3. Adopt high quality precision filter element and scientific design. Strong ability to filter impurities, large pollution bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good mechanical strength, high precision in removing impurities,

Large area, deep precision filter material can remove fine particles in the oil, at the same time, equipped with a permanent magnet filter to remove fine impurities containing iron.

4. Complete demulsification capability, advanced and unique degassing and dehydration system, adopting three-dimensional evaporation technology and multi-level oil-water separation technology, rapidly separating water and gas in oil, etc.

Using infrared liquid level control, unattended online oil filter can be realized, and the running state is shown by the indicator light.

5. Advanced medium heat absorption and condensation system, automatic separation of condensate water device, automatic constant temperature control, infrared automatic liquid level control, automatic foam elimination control, automatic backwash function,

Automatic overpressure stop protection and excellent configuration to ensure the high performance of the equipment, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

6, the heating system adopts the optimized pipeline design, low heating load, to ensure uniform heating.

Adopting multi-group heating, the heating power input can be automatically controlled according to the instant oil temperature, making the equipment more energy saving. At the same time avoid the oil overheating carbonization.

Iii. Optional configuration and equipment form of explosion-proof vacuum oil filter:

☆ According to the needs of users can be selected with PLC automatic intelligent control, touch screen operation, and set the dynamic display.

☆ Vacuum pump, oil pump, electrical components are selected domestic, imported and joint venture famous brands. Optional flowmeter with accumulation function.

☆ According to the customer use site environment, can be selected BT grade "or" CT grade explosion proof.

☆ The whole machine structure is generally mobile open type, according to user requirements can be made into a special fixed, fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, cover eaves type, canvas, trailer type.

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