Different media in metal quenching process used

Each medium used in the quenching process has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the metalworker to decide what is better for the job. Here are some options:

Corrosive: includes water, different concentrations of salt water and soda. These are faster ways to cool the metal during the quenching process. In addition to the possibility of deforming metals, take safety precautions when using caustic sodas, which can be harmful to the skin or eyes.

Oil: this is often a popular method because some oils can still cool the metal quickly, but without the same risks as water or other corrosive substances. However, oils do pose a risk because they are flammable. Therefore, it is important for metal workers to know the limits of the oil they can use in terms of temperature and load weight to avoid fire.

Gas: although forced ventilation is common, nitrogen is another popular option. Gases are often used in finished metals, such as tools. The cooling rate can be controlled by adjusting the pressure and exposure to the gas.

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