centrifugal oil filter of snalysis of characteristics

centrifugal oil filter of snalysis of characteristics

1. Fast rotation speed from heart, good separation effect of oil, water and impurities.

2. Equipped with heating and temperature control device, appropriately increasing oil temperature can reduce the viscosity of oil and the bonding force between oil and water, which is conducive to improving the separation effect of oil and water.

3, centrifugal oil filter small volume, large processing flow, simple operation, flow can be used.

4. Soft starting characteristics, smooth and safe starting, stopping or high-speed rotation; The inlet is equipped with solenoid valve, which will automatically cut off the oil supply circuit in case of abnormal power failure.

5. Centrifugal oil filter is equipped with low temperature setting and water seal protection device. The former ensures that the oil temperature cannot be purified under the set low limit, while the latter automatically closes the purifying oil circuit when the water seal is damaged for some reason and sends an alarm signal to prevent the oil from pouring out in large quantities from the outlet

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