carburizing furnace and furnace tank of use method

The usage of carburizing furnace and furnace tank is introduced

Because the outside of the carburizing furnace tank is close to the electric heating element, the temperature is higher, the carburizing furnace can reach 950 ~ l000 degrees, the furnace tank body has good oxidation resistance; The interior of the furnace is carburized atmosphere, which requires the carburizing furnace to have good anti-carburizing performance. At the same time, also as a result of carburizing furnace load larger, this also requires carburizing furnace has higher high temperature strength.

carburizing furnace and furnace tank of use method

The oxidation spalling of the outside surface of the carburizing furnace will lead to cracking and the leakage of the tank inside the carburizing furnace is the main form of failure. Casting defects have great influence on the service life of hearth. The furnace cylinder cracked slightly after repair, and was damaged soon after welding, which was mainly caused by the decline of welding performance after oxidation and carburizing.

Sometimes ring cracks appear under the carburizing furnace, which is related to the structure of the carburizing furnace and the complex stress in the area. It can be seen from the structure that the ring crack zone is the transition zone between the high temperature zone of the carburizing furnace and the low temperature zone of the upper part of the tank mouth. In addition, this area is located at the bottom of the seal ring and the tank wall of the furnace head

The connection part is in a changing section due to thermal stress and load response. The force stack and the bottom of the seal ring are the supporting points of the entire carburizing furnace where the maximum stress is applied. In addition, this point is a hot spot of casting, so there is a high possibility of casting defect and ring crack perpendicular to the direction of stress.

Comparing the service life of carburizing furnace tank, Cr18Ni25Si2. Cr25Ni20 steel carburizing furnace tank has the highest service life, which is more than 3 times of Cr18Mn12Si2N steel furnace tank.

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