belt powder metallurgy sintering furnace

RST series net belt powder metallurgy sintering furnace is continuous operation sintering production line.

It is mainly used for pressing iron base, copper base and other related powder metallurgy products to carry out the ideal continuous sintering process of RST type net belt powder metallurgy sintering furnace under the condition of protective atmosphere. Control advanced energy saving remarkable. Workpiece conveying adopts high temperature resistant metal mesh belt stepless speed regulation. All heating zones adopt PID contactless automatic power control, multi-zone temperature control to protect the gas body, and adopt ammonia decomposition gas source with purification device.

USES: thick film circuit, thick film resistance, electronic element electrode, LTCC, steel heater, solar panel and similar products of high temperature sintering, heat treatment features: control response is rapid, temperature uniform and stable, energy saving and environmental protection is reliable, product series complete RSA series high temperature belt atmosphere furnace

USES: chip welding, metal packaging, HTCC, DBC, VFD, PDP, car radiator and other products in the protective atmosphere of fusion sealing, metallization, brazing, oxidation, annealing and other heat treatment process characteristics: temperature and atmosphere uniform and stable, energy saving and environmental protection, reliable product series complete network sintering furnace.


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