anti - fuel oil filter of inspection and test

anti - fuel oil filter of inspection and test

1.The manufacturer of the anti-fuel oil filter shall carry out necessary inspection and tests on all parts of the filter to ensure that the whole design and production meet the requirements specified in the technical agreement.

2.The bidder shall submit the final inspection and test data of the anti-fuel oil filter to the tenderee within the time stipulated in the contract.

3.The inspection and test items that must be carried out shall be able to prove:

3.1 whether the anti-fuel oil filter meets the standards to be followed.

3.2 whether the technical indicators can reach the specified value of the contract.

3.3 inspection and test methods and criteria shall be stipulated in the contract. If the quality and performance of the products do not conform to the provisions, the bidder shall be responsible to deal with it.

4 factory test

4.1 the manufacturer of the fuel resistant filter shall be fully responsible for the factory test of the product and the bidder shall provide a qualified report representing all such test results.

4.2 the anti-fuel oil filter should be tested in the factory of the manufacturer to reduce the workload on site.

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