Zl-js series insulation oil two-stage vacuum oil filter type selection

Oil filter is widely used in oil purification treatment and vacuum hot oil circulation drying during installation and maintenance of various large transformer equipment. Purification and treatment of insulating oil in high voltage and ultra-high voltage transformers above 110KV-500kV are also suitable for advanced new oil and deep treatment of imported oil. Compared with the single-stage vacuum oil filter, this machine has added root pump booster system, two high vacuum separation system, infrared progressive scanning automatic control system, three-dimensional flash rapid evaporation system. Its dehydration, degassing, removing acid value, removing free carbon, etc., after treatment, the ultimate voltage withstand value of transformer oil is higher. It can be used as oil filter, and can also be used as an independent vacuum source for vacuum drying and oil filling of transformer equipment.

Zl-js series insulation oil two-stage vacuum oil filter type selection

Working principle:

1. Oil filter according to the principle of decompression separation, precision filtration, molecular adsorption, vacuum drying. Spiral spray atomization control and other technologies can remove water, impurities, free carbon, acid value, colloid and so on in the oil. The treated transformer insulation oil can be higher than the standard of new oil.

2. Compared with the single-stage vacuum oil filter, this machine has added roots vacuum system, two high vacuum separation system, three dimensional separation tower system, flash rapid evaporation system, which can dehydrate, degas, remove impurities, achieve faster and more complete effect, and higher ultimate pressure of oil.


1. Zl-js series insulation oil two-stage vacuum oil filter, compact process design, easy to move and flexible.

2. The oil filter adopts many innovative designs of the same kind of equipment at home and abroad, and is in the leading position in the oil treatment process and equipment performance. It has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, fast oil cleaning speed and high precision.

3. Oil filter control system; The optimized control interlock protection device, overpressure alarm stop protection and phase sequence protection guarantee the long and reliable operation of the whole machine. Automatic pressure alarm stop system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic operation infrared defogging system, automatic blowout preventer protection and other advanced technologies ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

4. Efficient degassing and dehydration system, using advanced atomizing device, three-dimensional separation tower, flash evaporation technology, oil in the real tank to form a parabolic shape operation can quickly remove water and harmful gas in the oil. (Gas-Liquid separation)

5. Oil filter system; Adopt all-imported filter element, multi-stage precise filtration, step by step encryption technology can block the fine impurities, with large pollution load, can be repeatedly cleaned and used, will not bring secondary pollution.

6. Heating system; It adopts the most advanced international brands such as Dupont, Huafu and Aget, and has excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability, viscosity resistance, insulation, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, safe and reliable carbon fiber heating system, with multiple functions such as fast heating and uniform heating.

7. Oil transfer system; It adopts the technology of Stirling fluid system imported from America, with the flow rate up to 35m3/h and the head up to 350 meters. The special material and special performance curve ensure that the oil flow will never cause the problem of acetylene produced by gap discharge, and it is in the leading level in the oil treatment technology and equipment performance.

8. The oil filter can add a regeneration unit system, which can quickly remove the carbon accumulation caused by arc in transformer oil, and make the inferior oil meet the new oil standard after filtration and treatment by the regeneration unit.

9. The machine can be configured according to customer requirements: imported Leibauz vacuum pump, Leibauz Pump from Germany. Seech oil pump, Wicken oil pump, electrical; PLC, Schneider electric components, Omron electric components, touch screen LCD control, on-line particle impurities and moisture detector device.

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