ZYD double stage vacuum oil filter features

ZYD double stage vacuum oil filter features

1. Double-stage relay type high vacuum, a real double-stage vacuum oil filter with high vacuum and high pumping speed.

2. The pressure resistance of one filtration can be raised to 65KV, which reduces the damage of oil aging caused by repeated heating of the general oil filter.

3. The pumping speed and power is ≥333L/s, which can meet the need of vacuum extraction of transformer body on site.

4. Efficient dehydration and degassing system can quickly and efficiently remove water, impurities, hydrocarbons and other harmful components in the oil, and improve the flash point and compressive strength of the insulating oil.

5. Photoelectric liquid level automatic control, automatic thermostatic control, automatic defoaming, automatic pressure protection, easy operation, man-machine separation can be realized.

6. It can realize the vacuum oil filling, vacuum drying and vacuum filtration of power transmission and transformation equipment above 110KV.

7. The heating system adopts multi-pipeline design to ensure uniform heating and stable oil temperature. The heating system has several groups of balanced heating, which can automatically control the heating power according to the real-time oil temperature, making the equipment more energy saving.

8. This machine chain safety protection, heating system, vacuum system, oil system safety chain, avoid misoperation, high efficiency, safe and reliable.

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