Yj-ysf oil-water separator

Professional environmental protection equipment production enterprises, strong technical force, advanced manufacturing process. I plant product design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, after-sales service as one, the implementation of turnkey project. The pressure-type oil-wastewater separation plant developed by our factory has the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency, strong adaptability and high degree of automation. It is widely applied to the treatment of oil-wastewater in petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, oil depot, port, automobile repair factory, steel, wharf and industrial and mining enterprises. Oil-water separator is a relatively large scope, the equipment is to treat water more oil less oily wastewater.

Yj-ysf oil-water separator

1, an overview of the

Land-based oil-bearing wastewater is produced from all walks of life. It is a kind of organic wastewater with large quantity and serious pollution. The oil-bearing type, oil-bearing composition, oil-water mixing degree and producing conditions of land-area oil-bearing wastewater are much more complicated than those of Marine oil-bearing wastewater.

Due to the complex composition and high discharge requirements (≤10 mg/l) of land oily wastewater compared with Marine Marine wastewater, special treatment methods must be considered for land oily wastewater treatment devices to meet the difficulty and requirements of the range of oily wastewater.

Yj-ysf series oil-water separator, which is designed by our company according to the characteristics of oil-water wastewater, widely absorbs the advanced Marine and land-used oil-water separation technology at home and abroad, and comprehensively adopts the latest scientific research achievements of a number of oil-water separator. Good performance, significant separation efficiency, fully meet the national standards for the discharge of oil-bearing wastewater in land.

The treatment unit organically combines gravity separation, coarse granulation and adsorption coalescence to form a steel circular integral structure, which is combined with infusion pump, electrical control cabinet, electric heating and resistance to form a treatment unit. Treatment process make full use of the gravity separation characteristics, the characteristics of different separation material factors, thus to various working condition of wastewater treatment more difficult has wide adaptability, can apply excluding surfactants and no emulsification of gasoline, diesel oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, part of the heavy oil, sewage, and contain a small amount of oily waste water treatment of suspended solids.

The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, convenient management, high separation efficiency and low energy consumption. The treated water can be directly discharged or reused, and the extracted waste oil can be directly reused. It has good economic benefit in saving energy, saving water and protecting environment, etc. It is an ideal equipment for treating oily wastewater.

2. The technological process is as follows:

Oily wastewater → settling grease trap → inlet pump → oil-water separator → qualified drainage

3. Process Description:

After the initial precipitation, the oily wastewater is raised by the pump to the oil-water separator for treatment. The precipitation grease trap has the function of regulating water volume, removing large particles suspended matter and dividing part into oil, most of which suspended matter and grease will be removed. After oil isolation by precipitation, most of the suspended solids in the water will be removed, and the oil content in the water can be reduced to about 50-100 mg/L.

Yj-ysf type coarse-grained oil-water separation device is equipped with a coarse-grained combination element made of secondary polymer fiber material. Under the capture and polymerization of the coarse-grained combination element, oil beads and water are separated to ensure that the oil content in the discharged water reaches below 10mg/L. The oil slick enters the oil collecting chamber of the equipment. When the oil layer reaches a certain thickness, personnel are regularly arranged to drain into the oil collecting chamber

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