Why use centrifugal oil filter to filter edible oil

Filter oil machine manufacturers, our company production of centrifugal filter oil machine is mostly used in the oil industry, the demand for oil in the fast and the economic construction of our country is also very high, so the centrifugal filter oil machine also has its own market, it pays to work with us you absolutely, so we can give you a guaranteed absolute good.

Why use centrifugal oil filter to filter edible oil

Operating principle of centrifugal oil filter:

Centrifugal oil filter design, in line with the national safety standards of the most advanced oil filter equipment. This machine adopts the strong centrifugal force produced by the rotating drum with high speed to separate the slag with different quality and weight ratio and the solid liquid of oil, so as to achieve the purpose of oil filtration. It can directly ignite and do the experiment without foam and overflow. It can reach the national secondary standard.

The past we have used filtering equipment such as: plate and frame type filter, vacuum filter, air pressure filter are called a medium (media refers to filter cloth, mesh), because of the medium filter cloth mesh height is different, the filtering process of cuhk pulp are filtered out, tiny particles through the orifice flow into the oil, that is the past the oil filtering equipment effect is relative to solve the problem, in terms of operation, hair oil inside the oil glue will hurt again and again to plug mesh and replace filter cloth, clean the filter cloth and later consumption. Centrifugal oil filter without press cloth is media-free filtration, is the result of high speed separation of mass to weight ratio, and is the most advanced equipment to solve oil quality problem thoroughly.

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Use centrifugal oil filter, because we have the strength to make your production up to the best standard. Welcome to our company to cooperate with us.

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