Why should the electric steam generator be equipped with water treatment?

When many customers are familiar with the use process of the electric steam generator, they will ask why the supporting water treatment is needed when the electric steam generator is used, and what is the role? In fact, the water processor plays a very important role in the electric steam generator. The water processor is one of the important links to ensure the normal operation of the steam generator. Now, liangpu steam expert will introduce the benefits of water treatment for the electric steam generator!

No matter what kind of steam generator has very high requirements for water quality, if the local water quality of the user is particularly poor, it will have a fatal impact on the steam generator, and the water treatment plays a role of softening the water, if the water quality is not properly treated, it will cause water scaling and pipe blockage of the steam generator, which not only wastes fuel but also causes accidents such as pipe explosion. In serious cases, it can also It can cause the steam generator to be scrapped. If we do not use water treatment, we need to clean the scale with chemical drugs regularly every year. This method can be effective for a while, but it will have a certain impact on the boiler. The chemicals used for scale removal can corrode the pipes of the boiler, and the long-term use of chemicals for scale removal is very dangerous to the steam generator. Because the boiler is very important for water treatment, it must be certified to do well in water treatment.

Liangpu's electric steam generator can be equipped with water treatment when it comes out of the site. The specific requirements only need to be directly communicated with our steam experts. The professional after-sales team of liangpu will help you solve problems and make your way to the steam generator more convenient and safe! For the installation of steam generator and soft water processor pipes and circuits, as well as the setting of parameters, and the teaching video of using methods, you can consult the steam expert for obtaining!

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