Why is heat treatment used for rubber curing salt?

Heat transfer salts or heat treatment salts are used for alloy heat treatment, such as annealing and martensitic quenching of steel. Heat transfer salts are also used to cure extruded and molded rubber and for thermal storage in the solar industry. Our factory produces our own heat treatment salt series on site. Changzhou heat treatment widely uses heat treatment salt for hardening, annealing, martensitic tempering, tempering and isothermal quenching.

Curing heat treatment salt of rubber is a mixture of nitrate and nitrite with high purity and low eutectic. They are designed to cure extruded rubber profiles at the lowest possible temperature range. All chemicals used in these rubber curing salts are water-soluble and will not form any insolubles. Therefore, the solidified salt can be easily removed from the surface of the hot water spray rinsing station at the bottom of the tank just after it comes out of the salt tank.

Through on-site manufacturing to control product consistency, product quality laboratory test before packaging, advanced inventory control procedures to meet the requirements of on-time delivery.

We can choose standard bags, barrels, large bags, professional technical team to provide tank services.

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