Why does vacuum tempering furnace deform after quenching

Recently, many vacuum furnace manufacturers have reported how to solve the problem of why the vacuum tempering furnace will deform after quenching. Today, let go of the vacuum furnace, silicon nitride reaction furnace, ultra-high vacuum high temperature sintering furnace, and talk with the vacuum furnace manufacturers about why the vacuum tempering furnace will deform after quenching!

In the process of oil quenching and heating, the vacuum quenching oil can not be cooled because of the low vacuum pressure. At this time, the quality of the selected metal is the most important for the equipment on the inner wall of the furnace, especially the bottom plate. It is very important that the heat conduction degree of different metals is very different, which is directly related to the quenching effect of vacuum furnace.

In the process of workpiece treatment, there is a treatment method called quenching, which is commonly used in most furnaces. But how to operate the quenching requirements of vacuum furnace, let's explain. In fact, the main purpose of workpiece quenching is to improve the hardness, wear resistance and wear resistance of the workpiece, and then to meet different operating requirements.

Now quenching technology is widely used in mechanical manufacturing. Many people are easy to deform when they use vacuum furnace for quenching. In fact, quenching deformation is mainly caused by uneven heating and inaccurate temperature control, so deformation is very normal work, but as long as more care is taken in the treatment process, deformation can be prevented. The following briefly introduces some precautions in the process of vacuum furnace quenching.

In this regard, before using the annealing vacuum furnace, a high content of high density inert gas should be added to the quenching chamber to knead the pressure generated on the external surface of the oil fire. Only in this way, the perfect operation of stainless steel in the quenching process and the extreme lubrication of the external surface can be fully reflected.

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