Why does the gear pump in the vacuum oil filter produce big noise?

Gear pump in the vacuum oil filter, as a discharge pump has been in the vacuum separation tank purified oil out of the vacuum tank oil to overcome the vacuum suction. The noise produced by gear pump is the main noise source of vacuum oil filter. When this problem is not changeover, first of all, to analyze the cause of the gear pump noise, and control its noise. The following are a few noise factors, for your simple analysis, I hope to help you.

Why does the gear pump in the vacuum oil filter produce big noise?

1, gear pump before the suction pipeline or filter local blockage

At this time can be seen from the tubing inhaled oil is very little, insufficient oil will cause dry wear and gas erosion, issued a big noise, at this moment should find plug point, dirt, so that oil absorption smooth.

2, before the gear pump suction pipe suction air

At this point can be seen from the suction pipe bubbles, and from the discharge of the oil will also see bubbles, after the gear pump inhalation of air will produce cavitation noise. The key position is before the pump all kinds of valves, the pump oil inlet flange sealing ring, the pump self-tightening skeleton oil seal, should be quickly removed after the search.

3. The flow area of the oil inlet filter is too small

Using physical vapor deposition (PVD) to coat the thin layer of wear-resistant material, the performance of high-speed steel knife Ju can be greatly improved. TiN, TiC, etc. can be used for general coating materials. However, the surface of ju was golden yellow after using TiN coating. The coated high-speed steel knife JU has a hard layer on the surface, good wear resistance, and low friction coefficient between it and the processed material. The toughness of the matrix material does not decrease.

The actual situation shows that, compared with the uncoated high-speed steel knife JU, the cutting force of coated high-speed steel knife JU can be reduced by 5~10%. The roughness of the machined surface decreases. If the flow area of the oil intake filter is too small, it will also cause insufficient oil intake, dry grinding and gas erosion, which will make a big noise. The solution is to replace the filter with the same through-flow area.

4, the pump speed is too high

Each gear pump has a recommended better operating speed, if you want to increase the speed to increase the flow, it will make gear meshing vibration faster, pump oil absorption will be insufficient, resulting in a sharp increase in the noise of the pump. In this case, the speed should be reduced in time.

5, pump shaft and motor shaft different center

Gear pump are required to use shaft sleeve or elastic shaft joint transmission mode, such as two different shaft center, will make the transmission vibration enhanced, gear pump by alternating load force, noise will be very large, should be reassembled. Be concentric.

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