Why does quenching crack appear in the process of heat treatment?

In the process of our heat treatment, the most worry is that there are such small problems that will affect the yield of our heat treatment. Today, we will tell you why there are quenching cracks in our heat treatment process?

Many times in our heat treatment process often due to the temperature is not well controlled will lead to quenching cracks, serious after our heat treatment products will be scrapped. So this problem should not be underestimated. Generally, it is the quenching crack caused by the internal stress during the quenching and cooling process of our heat treatment products. 

The main causes of quenching cracks are as follows:

First of all, the quenching temperature is too high in the process of heat treatment, or it is caused by the sudden change of temperature difference when we cool down. In addition, in the process of heat treatment, the structural stress when the thermal stress changes with the volume of the metal to be processed is far greater than the strength range of steel rigid fracture.

Moreover, the original surface of our products to be processed is defective, such as small scratches or cracks. In addition, the original material of our metal materials is also very important. This is the time to test the quality of our metal materials.

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