Whole process of heat treatment and cooling

The manufacturer of heat treatment equipment should attach great importance to the whole cooling process of heat treatment

Heat treatment equipment manufacturers need to pay attention to the cooling in the whole process of heat treatment. In this way, according to the technical requirements of the products and processing technology, they can carry out slow speed cooling, oil quenching cooling, primary air quenching cooling, etc.

The rapid circulating system cooling in the heat treatment plant is to spray high-pressure steam into the cooling chamber, which changes from the water flow and total flow of the motion control system to exceed the cooling rate in a special period of time, so as to realize the cooling curve often specified in the whole process of heat treatment and ensure the heat treatment quality of parts.

For the cooling equipment such as centrifugal fan cooling, heat exchanger cooling, quenching oil tank cooling, etc., the framework sealed over temperature protection is selected to replace the water-cooled cooling breathing system in all aspects. All heat treatment furnaces do not need all cooling circulating water. The oil refrigeration system is totally closed. When the heating capacity of the rolling bearing of the centrifugal fan is increased, the proportion of the heated oil is small, and it rises naturally, resulting in the oil natural circulation system. In the case of remaining oil in the oil tank and natural heat pipe heat dissipation, after the rolling oil is cooled, a circulating system is added, which completely replaces the water cooling heat dissipation under the standard of no oil consumption and no driving force.

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