Which aspects should be considered when selecting an oil filter

According to the vacuum filters oil machine overhaul institutions to filter on the market at present various types of oil equipment, product characteristics and use of the different products have the scene also each are not identical, so for the vast number of users in carefully selected in addition to look outside and vacuum filter oil machine inspection report ‍ should also give full consideration to the following aspects of content.

Which aspects should be considered when selecting an oil filter

1. Consider the type and application place

The filter oil machine type ‍ contains much more special, which is more common for the centrifugal and vacuum type, due to the different filter oil machine characteristics and applicable situation is different, so the user in selecting filter oil machine, in addition to using methods focus on portable filter oil machine, more should know about its type and suitable for the application of some, such as centrifugal filter oil machine can remove a small amount of moisture and impurities, and vacuum filter oil machine can completely remove water and impurities. In addition, fully consider whether there will be a move in the future, change the situation of the workplace, if the need to change the workplace should be as far as possible to choose the mobile vacuum oil filter.

2. Consider the impurities of the oil

For some mechanical granular impurities, more suitable for the selection of convenient oil filter, this type of oil filter light and flexible, and to break the ability is strong, relatively simple, low consumables, and can be configured through the oil filter process precision size, through layer by layer to achieve the purpose of removing water and impurities.

3. Consider the convenience of changing the filter element

The filter element is a very important part of the oil filter equipment. However, in the long-term use of the oil filter, the filter element is easy to cause blockage because it needs to constantly deal with high viscosity oils. It needs to be cleaned or replaced frequently, otherwise the quality of the oil filter will be affected. Therefore, the user should pay attention to whether the filter element is convenient to replace when selecting oil filter products.

Choose filter oil machine products, in short, should give full consideration to the above several aspects of content, on the basis of fully considering the content, to consider the design of the filter oil machine and other less important factors such as volume, and then carried out in accordance with the filter oil machine instructions operation can make full use of different types of machines to filter oil, make it more excellent quality.

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