Where is plate heat exchanger not suitable for application?

Where is plate heat exchanger not suitable for application

The operating temperature is below 250℃

The operating temperature of the plate heat exchanger depends on the acceptable temperature of the gasket. When using rubber type elastic gasket, the highest operating temperature is below 200℃; When compact asbestos shim is used, the maximum operating temperature is 250~260℃.

The working pressure is below 2.5mpa

Plate heat exchanger is sealed by gasket, the surrounding of the seal is very long, and the support condition of the two seals in the corner hole is poor, gasket can not meet the pressure, so the maximum working pressure of plate heat exchanger is only 2.5mpa at that time; When the veneer area is more than 1m2, its working pressure is often lower than 2.5mpa.

It is not suitable to conduct heat transfer of media that are easy to block the channel

The plate heat exchanger between the plate channel is very narrow, usually 3~5mm, when the heat transfer medium contains large solid particles or fiber material, it is easy to block the plate channel. For such heat exchange occasions, consideration should be given to filtering equipment in imported equipment, or to the selection of regenerative cooling systems.

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