What should hydraulic oil filter heater pay attention to

What should hydraulic oil filter heater pay attention to

Hydraulic oil filter oil machine working principle: the oil under the action of pressure difference inside and outside the entrance into the prefilter, larger particles impurities by filter, the oil after multiple infrared heating into special personalized vacuum separator, first to form fog in the vacuum separator, to form the membrane, the contact area to expand in a vacuum for hundreds of times, the moisture in oil in high fever, high vacuum, large surface, high pumping speed under the condition of rapid evaporation and discharge by vacuum system.

Unique heating system, so that the oil balance and uniform heating, and equipped with heater interlock protection device. A. the heater is also interlocked with the oil pump and vacuum pump. The heater can only work when the oil pump and vacuum pump are running; B. The heater only works when the oil temperature is lower than the set temperature of 60 ° c-70 ° c; C. If the heating temperature exceeds the setting temperature, the final ultra-high temperature setting protector will stop the heating.

What should hydraulic oil filter heater pay attention to? The oil temperature of the oil filter heater is below 80℃ in normal operation. Considering the relationship between saturated vapor pressure and temperature, the vacuum degree is determined to be 0.06mpa. At this time, the evaporation temperature of the water is 70℃, and the oil can maintain its performance. Therefore, the oil needs to be heated to 60~70℃. For high altitude areas, the heating temperature should be appropriately increased due to the low vacuum degree. The heating power determines the rate of oil purification and regeneration. If the heating time is too low, the purification efficiency will be reduced. Too much power increases the cost and makes installation difficult. Since the oil is a poor conductor of heat, the power capacity of a single heater cannot be too large, to avoid the oil around the excessive heat deterioration phenomenon, so it is very important to choose the appropriate power of the heater.

Classification of electric heaters, electric heaters according to the conduction mode

(1) ceramic heater with heat conduction as the main feature. It is characterized by multi-layer heat transfer structure, such as electrode plate (conductive and heat transfer) insulation layer (electric insulation and heat transfer) thermal storage plate (some of which are also attached with thermal conductive adhesive) installed on the surface of heating element, so as to transfer the heat from element to the heated object.

(2) it is a kind of ceramic air heater that conducts heat transfer through the hot air generated by it. It is characterized by high output power and can automatically adjust the temperature of the blowing wind and heat output

(3) infrared radiation heater. Its characteristic is to directly or indirectly excite the far-infrared coating or far-infrared material that touches the surface of the element or the heat-conducting plate by the heat generated on the surface of the element or the heat-conducting plate to radiate infrared radiation, thus forming the ceramic infrared radiation heater.

Common failure and treatment of electric heater

The damage of the heater mainly includes:

1. Leakage (the phenomenon is automatic circuit breaker or leakage protection switch tripping, the electric heat pipe cannot be heated), accounting for more than 90% of the heater fault

2. No heating (internal electric heating wire is burned off or wires are broken at the junction box)

3. Rupture or fracture of electric heat pipe (crack of electric heat pipe, corrosion of electric heat pipe, etc.)


1. For leakage to confirm the leakage point, if the electric heat pipe itself, can be baked in the oven, such as insulation resistance value, it may be necessary to replace the electric heat pipe, such as the junction box water with a hot air gun blow dry, such as the broken skin of the wire with tape wrap or replace the wire.

2. If the heater is not heated, the internal wiring of the electric heat pipe cannot be repaired and can only be replaced; If the line or joint break or loose reconnection can be.

3. If the electric heat pipe breaks or breaks, only replacement is needed.

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