What should be paid attention to when using trolley resistance furnace

What should be paid attention to when using trolley resistance furnace? There are mainly the following points:

1. The workpieces shall be stacked evenly, about 100-150 mm away from the heating elements.

2. Rough operation is strictly prohibited, and workpieces shall be handled with care to avoid impact.

3. The operator shall not leave the post without permission when using the electric furnace, and must pay attention to whether the working condition of the electric furnace is normal at any time.

4. When the electric furnace is loading and unloading workpieces, the power supply of heating elements must be cut off first to ensure the safety of operators.

5. The oxide of furnace (including under the electric furnace wire) shall be cleaned frequently, at least once a week or once every five furnaces. Compressed air can be used to blow under the furnace bottom plate.

6. If the resistance wire is used, it shall not be bent to avoid fracture.

7. The motor of electric furnace shall be inspected regularly, lubricating oil shall be added, etc., and attention shall be paid to the use safety.

8. Always check and add lubricating oil at the transmission shaft sleeve to prevent damage to the shaft sleeve due to lack of oil.

9. Check the use of heating elements regularly.

Check the use of instruments and thermocouples regularly to prevent incorrect temperature measurement due to the error of instruments and thermocouples.

The above is the use of trolley resistance furnace precautions, more information, welcome to pay attention to the company's website. We will provide you with the best service to satisfy you.

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