What should be paid attention to when operating the forging equipment

Forging equipment is mainly used for metal forming, so it is also known as metal forming machine tools. Forging and pressing equipment is formed by exerting pressure on metal, and its basic characteristic is high force, so it is mostly heavy equipment with safety protection devices to protect the safety of equipment and human beings. We should pay attention to the following points when operating forging and pressing equipment:

What should be paid attention to when operating the forging equipment

1. Operators should have a high sense of responsibility and be familiar with the operation skills of the equipment. It is strictly prohibited for non-operators to operate on the machine.

2. the use of the equipment should be carefully checked before starting, the equipment should be well maintained, safety protection device is complete and effective, clutch, brake and control device should be sensitive and reliable, solid parts should not be loose, electrical grounding protection is reliable, whether the lubrication system is blocked or lack of oil.

3. before the operation, must be ready for personal protective equipment, should wear work clothes, work shoes and work cap, female braids should not be exposed in the work cap. All the tools used should be prepared and cleaned around the machine. The blank materials should be put in order and balanced.

4. Do not wear gloves to operate the equipment when working on the press machine. Do not chat while working. The workpiece is not put, can not step on the foot switch, so as not to cause a human accident. After each punch, the hand or foot must be removed from the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.

5. It is strictly prohibited to place measuring tools and other articles on the working surfaces and molds of presses and hydraulic presses.

6. When a device is operated by more than one person, the button must be used to work. Each person should have a clear division of labor and coordinate to avoid mistakes.

7. When the equipment, molds and other relevant devices fail, the machine must stop for inspection. When the equipment is not operated, the power should be cut off.

8. Hands or fingers are forbidden to insert into the die to place or take out the workpiece. You must use a hand tool to take the work out of the die.

9. After finishing the work, the power should be cut off, the surrounding environment should be cleaned, and the workpiece, tools, appliances and molds should be put in order.

10. If the equipment and molds fail during the production operation, special personnel should be asked to repair them.

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