What should be paid attention to when operating pulse hot press?

1. Pay attention to safety during operation and maintenance of the press, and do not put the hand into the hot press plate.

2, when the press in the region of thunder and lightning must stop, and cut off the power.

3. Keep the oil circuit switch on.

4. The operator is not allowed to leave the post when the machine is on.

5. Preheating press: close the pressure mechanical and electrical source, and gradually raise the temperature without pressure until it reaches the required temperature for pressing, then it can be put into formal production to ensure the quality of the veneer.

6, the circulation pump is strictly prohibited to reverse.

7. The rated oil pressure of the machine is 23.8mpa. Overpressure is strictly prohibited.

8. The operating speed and unloading speed of the conveyor belt shall not be changed at will without special circumstances. , time and other parameters, do not arbitrarily change the hydraulic pipeline and electronic control wiring, do not arbitrarily adjust the handwheel of each valve, do not arbitrarily open the oil tank and air filter cover, if necessary, must be handled by professionals.

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