What should be done when the carburizing furnace is open

What should be done when the well furnace is open?

Like in some industries, it is need to use some device to realize the heat treatment, so the use of more is carburizing furnace such equipment, and now for the use of well type carburizing furnace and their role is recognized degree is very high, so you know in carburizing furnace blow-in when how should do? The following well furnace manufacturers to give you an introduction:

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1. Close the power switch.

2. Adjust the automatic control device of the instrument to allow electrified heating.

3, when the temperature rises, start the fan.

4. When the furnace temperature rises to 850℃, kerosene (or methanol) begins to drip.

5, after the furnace temperature to the required temperature, cut off the furnace and fan power, can be loaded into the workpiece. Then close the furnace door, connect fan and furnace power supply, according to the range operation.

6, after the workpiece comes out, close the furnace cover, continue not to move the fan, cut off the furnace resistance wire power supply, drop a small amount of kerosene.

7. Stop dripping kerosene when the furnace temperature drops to 850℃.

8. When the furnace temperature drops to 600℃, stop the fan and cut off the power switch.

So for the every link of operation has a strict management is the use of the carburizing furnace in order to be truly achieve standardization, because of the incorrect operation mode is of carburizing furnace could do a lot of damage, severe cases, even there is damage to operators, that is why the well type nitriding furnace manufacturer repeatedly correctness of the use of a specification.

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