What should be considered when choosing an oil-water separator?

The oil and water separator is generally used to treat oily wastewater and plays a very important role. In order to facilitate the later use, users are advised to pay attention to the choice of equipment. Below small make up in detail for you to introduce this aspect of the content.

What should be considered when choosing an oil-water separator?

1, all consumers remember to buy normal manufacturers of the production of equipment. You know, there are devices out there that can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The huge difference in price leads to the great difference in product quality. This time only choose normal oil and water separator manufacturers to sell the product, in order to better ensure the quality, performance and use time. In addition, the normal business equipment also provides after-sales repair and maintenance, for you to solve more worries.

2, do not think that the purchase of regular quality products, you can feel secure in the use of. Be aware that a transparent water cup will be provided under the equipment. If you do not timely waterproof in the process of use, too much water will lead to its performance problems, not a very good effect.

3. If it is in the north, it is recommended that you choose an oil-water separator with heating function. Because the weather in the north is very cold, it is easy for the water under the water cup to get frostbite in winter, causing different degrees of damage. A lot of users in the north of the use of the time for the water cup cover layer after layer of cotton-padded jacket. However, we still recommend that you buy equipment with heating function, such oil and water separator can be more in the winter, let you use normal.

Now foreign countries have some automatic drainage function, when the water level reached the specified position, the equipment will remind the staff to automatically waterproof. Operation is also very convenient, only need about a dozen seconds, can complete the entire drainage process. If you have enough money, you might as well introduce some advanced equipment from abroad.

What should be considered when choosing an oil-water separator?

The oil and water separator is easy to install, occupies little space and is easy to maintain. Moreover material, stainless steel material can not only greatly improve the speed of oil and water separation, but also not easy to rust. Do not need manual oil, save labor costs, slag basket can stop the residue in the oil and water, avoid the residue precipitation blocking the pipeline, odor, cleaning will be very convenient.

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