What problem should hot air furnace notice for the first time to use?

What problem should hot air furnace notice for the first time to use

Hot air furnace as a heating equipment, its use is also periodic. The cold season of the year is when the device is at its best, and as soon as the chill goes it goes into hibernation. So what should we pay attention to at the beginning of each year?

1. When using for the first time after each dormancy, we should take heat-resistant protective measures for the high-temperature areas such as combustion chamber and purification chamber, mainly firebrick and fireclay. In the first use, the temperature of the furnace should not rise too high and too fast, so as to avoid the surface of the refractory crack or even crack.

2. In the case of coal, there is a difference between first use and furnaces that have been in use for some time. It is best to use some coal of better quality for the first use. Not only to improve the efficiency of coal combustion, but also to choose the right coal. After calculation, we find that coal with particle size of 50-60mm burns best in coal-fired hot air furnace. All kinds of bituminous coal, anthracite and lignite are available for the common fixed grate hot air furnace.

3. For the treatment of the chimney, if the chimney is not used for a long time, some smoke treatment problems are likely to occur. Generally, wet desulphurization is recommended, which is the mainstream of the industry. In addition, for the flue gas dust removal method we use the water film dust collector.

The difference between the structure of pulverized coal hot air furnace and oil-fired gas hot air furnace

[1], the furnace heating surface is also very different, due to more complex, in this is not explained in detail.

[2] the burner for oil-fired hot air furnace must have oil materializers, while the burner for gas-fired hot air furnace does not need materializers.

[3] the oil-fired hot air furnace USES burners. In the coal-fired hot air furnace, there are combustion methods such as fixed grate, pulverized hot air furnace and boiling furnace.

[4] the oil-fired hot air furnace generally has no embers, and the burning exhaust gas is discharged through the chimney. And the coal burning hot air furnace generally has ash bucket, dredger and other ash removal facilities.

[5] there is not much difference between oil-fired hot air furnace and gas-fired hot air furnace in terms of body structure, but the heating surface is adjusted accordingly due to the different fuel calorific value. That is, the radiant heating area of the oil-fired hot air furnace is larger, while that of the pulverized coal hot air furnace is larger.

[6], fuel oil hot air furnace, must be equipped with a more complex oil supply system (especially when burning heavy oil, residue oil), such as oil tank, oil pump, filter heating pipeline, must occupy a certain space, and gas hot air furnace, there is no need to be equipped with gas storage device. Just connect the gas pipeline to the gas supply network, of course, also need to set up pressure regulating device and solenoid valve, buffer valve and other accessories on the pipeline, in order to ensure the safe operation of the hot air furnace.

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