What needs to be done before using heat treatment technology

We all know that heat treatment technology can improve the use performance of workpieces, so many parts will be heat treated when they are used. In fact, when heat treatment technology is used, it also needs to meet certain requirements to carry out heat treatment technology.

1. Pay attention to cleaning

Before the use of heat treatment technology, attention shall be paid to the cleaning, and the operator is required to clean the processed components. During the processing of these components, the surface shall be free of dirt. Before the processing, the components shall be cleaned and dried after one time to ensure the cleanness of the processing.

2. Pay attention to drainage

In order to facilitate the processing later, before using the heat treatment technology, the operator needs to prepare on the clean cooling water. It is better not to use the overnight water, and it is better to empty it immediately after the processing of one day to avoid pollution to the storage pool and environmental impact.

3. Pay attention to power

The preparation of heat treatment technology before use also needs to pay attention to the inspection on electric power. In the process of using this technology, a large amount of electric power needs to be consumed. The safety of use on electric power needs to be paid attention to by the manufacturer. It is required to pay attention to the inspection on electric power to ensure the requirements on electric power.

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