What kind of silicon carbide should be used for brake pad material

As a friction brake material, silicon carbide is more and more widely used in the field of brake pads. The choice of brake pad materials can often determine the use effect and brake safety of brake pads. Due to its high hardness, good oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, adding a certain proportion of silicon carbide material to the brake pad can produce higher friction coefficient, improve wear resistance, and improve the stability and sensitivity of the brake more effectively.

In general, the proportion of SiC in brake pad composite is about 3% ~ 5%. Especially in the big drum and big plate, there are also powder metallurgy plates.

For brake pad composite materials, the selected silicon carbide is mainly high-purity silicon carbide micro powder with fine particle size of black and green silicon carbide F320, F600, F800 and F1000. From the customer's actual use effect feedback, it can obviously shorten the braking distance and time, reduce the cost and improve the service life at the same time.


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