What is the structure of the heat treatment trolley furnace?

The heat treatment trolley furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic resistance furnace, which uses composite fiber insulation, ultra light and high strength refractories, saving energy. The furnace mouth is equipped with anti-collision bricks. The trolley is double-layer sealed and integrated with rails. It is easy to install and operate. Nantong high temperature heat treatment trolley furnace is mainly used for heat treatment of high chromium, high manganese steel castings, nodular cast iron, rolls, steel balls, crusher hammers, wear-resistant lining plates, quenching, annealing, aging and various mechanical parts.

The heat treatment trolley furnace can be divided into eight parts: furnace body, furnace car, furnace door, sealing device, combustion system, pipeline, preheater chimney and electrical control system. Let's learn about its structure:

1. Furnace body: the furnace body is composed of framework and furnace lining.

2. Furnace car: two frame girders and several beams are welded to form a frame, on which fire bricks are laid, and the side plates are installed around to form.

3. Furnace door: the furnace is composed of frame made of section steel welding and aluminum silicate fiber.

4. Sealing device: it is composed of rear seal, side seal and furnace door seal.

5. Combustion system: it is composed of high-speed temperature regulating burner, fuel oil combined solenoid valve, air double position regulating butterfly valve, high-voltage (8000vac) ignition transformer, UV light-sensitive tube (UV probe) and burner control box.

6. Piping system:

(1) Air pipeline: it is composed of fan, air valve actuator, air valve, preheater, hot air temperature measuring thermocouple, air pressure transmitter and air pipeline.

(2) Fuel pipeline: it consists of fuel pipeline, two sets of oil pumps, fuel filter, manual valve, fuel pressure transmitter, etc. A frequency converter is used to drive the oil pump to change the operating frequency of the oil pump to adjust the fuel pressure.

(3) Compressed air pipeline: there are two sets of pipeline for solenoid valve driving air source and fuel atomization air source.

(4) Liquefied gas pipeline: mainly provides ignition gas source for burners. Set up "t" connector, connect two LPG tanks at the same time, and set pressure reducing valve for gas at the outlet of the tank.

7. Preheater and smoke exhaust chimney: smoke is discharged through preheater, high temperature smoke valve and smoke exhaust chimney.

8. Electrical control system: it is composed of furnace door and furnace car control cabinet, fan control cabinet, temperature control cabinet and computer monitoring system.

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