What is the shutdown operation of the vacuum oil filter?

Vacuum oil filter is one of the main products of Bingyu company, the sales volume is very considerable, every year will be sold to thousands of units all over the country, in order to better service customers, we release here the general shutdown method of vacuum oil filter.

What is the shutdown operation of the vacuum oil filter?

When the pumping work is completed or the operation needs to be stopped in the middle:

1. Shut off the vacuum pump. Open the bleed valve to relieve vacuum. The pointer of the vacuum gauge returns 0, then start the oil pump to remove the remaining oil in the vacuum storage tank.

2. Shut off the oil pump after the oil is discharged from the vacuum storage tank.

3. Turn off the main power and close all the outer valves of the pumping unit for the next use.

4. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, the power of the pumping unit will be cut off, and the whole machine will stop running; If you want to start the machine, you must turn the emergency stop button clockwise to open all the control buttons. When restarting the pumping unit, follow the steps.

Matters needing attention

1. When the vacuum pump is working, attention should be paid to the oil shown on the oil label (oil should be on the oil label). When the oil and water in the vacuum pump is large, it should be replaced in time.

2. During operation, pay attention to whether the operating sound of the pump and the corresponding motor is normal or not. If abnormal, it should be discharged immediately.

3. When the machine is stopped and not in use, drain the vacuum pump oil and inject new oil.

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