What is the purpose of gear quenching?

What is the purpose of gear quenching?

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technical understanding of gear manufacturers, has brought many improvements, such as low noise, lightweight, low cost and high load capacity, etc., so that the gear pair produces the least heat under the action of high speed and high torque. Not all gears are suitable for induction quenching, external spiral spur gear, worm gear, internal gear, rack and chain teeth are typical induction quenching gear parts. In contrast, bevel, hyperboloid and non-circular gears use almost no induction heat treatment.

One of the purposes of induction quenching is to obtain the whole martensite layer of fine grain in the special part of the gear to improve its hardness and wear resistance. But it does not expose the rest to heat treatment. Increased hardness also increases the contact fatigue strength. As the martensitic layer with fine grain is obtained with increased hardness and wear resistance, cheap medium and high carbon steel or low alloy steel can be used instead of more expensive high alloy steel.

Another purpose of gear induction quenching is to increase the surface compressive stress of gear. This is important because it helps to suppress the formation of cracks and also prevents the degradation of bending fatigue performance caused by tensile stress. The use of this steel enables its original microstructure and gear conditions (including load conditions and operating conditions) to determine the required surface hardness, core hardness, hard section, gear strength and residual stress distribution.

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