What is the principle of oil-water separator?

Oil and water separator is the oil and water will not be separated from the instrument, the principle of the first is based on the density difference between water and fuel, the use of gravity sedimentation principle to remove impurities and water separator, there are loose cones, filters and other separation elements. Small make up for us to share the operation principle of oil and water separation equipment:

What is the principle of oil-water separator?

1. The wastewater containing smaller oil droplets goes through a fine filter to get rid of impurities in the water and then enters into the fiber polymerizer, so that the smaller oil droplets can form larger oil droplets and separate from the water.

2. After separation, the clean water is cleaned through the cleaning port, and the dirty oil in the left and right oil collecting chamber is cleaned through the solenoid valve. The dirty oil separated from the fiber polymerizer is cleaned through the manual valve.

3. The oily sewage will be sent into the oil-water separator by the sewage pump. After passing through the loose nozzle, the large oil droplets will float on the top of the left oil collection chamber.

4. Sewage with small oil droplets enters the lower part of the corrugated plate coalescer, where the oil in the polymerized part drops into a larger oil drop to the right oil collecting chamber.

The above is xiaobian to introduce you to the oil and water separator related content, hope to help us to understand more content, please continue to pay attention to us, there are any questions you can listen to the phone to communicate with us.

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