What is the explosion-proof grade of vacuum oil filter

"Which of the explosion-proof grades is higher, exd BT4 or Exd CT4?"

: B and C. . Explosion-proof electrical equipment is no longer classified because IT is specifically for use underground in coal mines, where most of the volatile gas is methane. (A, B, C).

Mesg (min) Small Ignition current ratio (MICR)

Type iia acuity 0.9 > 0.8

Iib 0.5< MESG <0.9 0.45≤ MICR ≤ 0.8

Iic acuities were 0.5 < 0.45

The order of the spark rating from low to high is: A, B, C7 k6

The order of surface temperature grade from low to high is: T1, T2... t6

What is the explosion-proof grade of vacuum oil filter

So, ct grade is higher than bt grade, CT usable range is wide, CT is acetylene, hydrogen grade explosion-proof grade. Bt can't be used for acetylene, just a medium-grade explosion-proof definition.

Used for a period of time inside the filter oil machine will accumulate some impurities, this not only can guarantee the oil filter effect, also can reduce the working efficiency of the filter oil machine, if you want to keep the oil filter machine effect and good performance, it must be inside the filter oil machine accumulated impurities foreign body was removed, the chongqing l million filter oil machine company to introduce specific how to operate to clear the filter oil machine impurities foreign body clean.

First of all, the filter element should be cleaned regularly. If it is a plate and frame oil filter, then the filter paper should be replaced. If the filter element or filter paper is used for a period of time, a certain amount of impurities will be intercepted and the aperture of the filter element will be blocked. If it is not removed, the flow rate of oil will be slowed down during oil filtration, reducing the working efficiency of the oil filter, and the filtration effect will be worse. Therefore, the filter element and filter paper should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

Secondly, in the oil filter element cleaning to pay special attention to the stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh is vulnerable, in the cleaning a little attention is easy to damage or deformation, if the stainless steel wire mesh damage or deformation, should be replaced in a timely manner, to ensure that the filtering effect is not affected.

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