What is the effect of heat treatment on bellows

Metal heat treatment is a kind of process method that the metal workpiece is heated to a suitable temperature in a certain medium and kept at this temperature for a certain time, and then cooled at different speeds.

Corrugated pipe has good plasticity, which is convenient for the processing and forming of stainless steel corrugated pipe, and can obtain enough hardness and strength through subsequent processing (cold work hardening, heat treatment, etc.). High elastic limit, tensile strength and fatigue strength to ensure the normal operation of stainless steel bellows. Good welding performance, meet the welding process requirements of stainless steel bellows in the manufacturing process.

The material and heat treatment of bellows mainly depend on the working medium. 316L and solid solution treatment are recommended to prevent the damage caused by stress corrosion of high-temperature steam heat network. High nickel alloy is recommended to be annealed or solid solution treatment for bellows used in high-temperature catalytic cracking unit. The residual force of heat treatment refers to the residual stress of the workpiece after heat treatment, which has a very important influence on the shape, size and performance of the workpiece. When it exceeds the yield strength of the material, it will cause the deformation of the workpiece, and when it exceeds the strength limit of the material, it will cause the workpiece to crack. This is its harmful side, which should be reduced and eliminated. However, under certain conditions, controlling the stress to make it reasonable distribution can improve the mechanical properties and service life of the parts, and become harmful.

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