What is the difference between plywood press and veneer press

What's the difference between the plywood hot press and the panel hot press

Plywood hot press is one of the main equipment in plywood production process, is used for coating composite slab after hot pressing gluing device, different varieties of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the compressor, ordinary plywood, plywood, plastic laminated veneer, wood laminated plastic sheet, Marine plywood manufacturing the required pressure increase in turn. Plywood hot press according to the operation mode divided cycle and continuous two, the domestic is commonly used cycle multi - layer hot press. It consists of three parts: hot press body, control drive part (hydraulic system and electric control system), heating system.

Hot pressing and laminating machine, double hot pressing machine, single hot pressing machine, features: hot pressing system heating fast, heating system, heat conduction system light carefully segmented design, heat energy is low, heat conduction uniform; Reasonable structure, high precision of parts processing, wide range of process parameters adjustment, reasonable control process design, can meet the process requirements of various veneer production. Purpose: cover press series machines are suitable for neutral furniture factory or small man-made board the secondary processing factory (cover), used to hot glue, wooden door and furniture board, building partition in a variety of man-made board, such as plywood, joinery board, MDF, particle board surface pressure stick in all kinds of decorative materials: melamine decorative paper, decorative cloth, fire prevention board, metal foil, man-made and natural two sub-companies named seaport, natural two sub-companies named seaport spelling a flower; Can not be used for single plate drying leveling, color decorative wood chip leveling, setting.

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