What is the definition and characteristics of vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatment, as the name implies, is to heat treat the workpiece in the state of no oxygen. The biggest advantage of vacuum heat treatment is to prevent the workpiece from oxidation and decarburization. Overcome the inherent defects of ordinary heat treatment.

From its birth to present, vacuum heat treatment has been developed rapidly. Different vacuum heat treatment forms, such as gas quenching, oil quenching and water quenching, are followed. At the same time, vacuum carburizing, nitriding, boronizing and continuous vacuum heat treatment are also applied. Vacuum heat treatment has been widely used in various heat treatment plants, and has become the mainstream way of heat treatment industry in the future.

One kind of technology can replace the outdated technology in an all-round way, and it must have great advantages. What is the advantage of vacuum heat treatment compared with ordinary heat treatment? The above mentioned anaerobic heat treatment of vacuum heat treatment can avoid oxidation and decarburization of workpiece, greatly improve its hardness, reduce its brittleness, and at the same time, it has the function of degreasing and degassing. These characteristics of vacuum heat treatment can greatly improve the cleanliness of workpiece surface. The die becomes relatively brighter, reducing the deformation of the workpiece and the hardness of the workpiece after vacuum heat treatment is 3-5 times that of the ordinary heat treatment. For some high-value precision workpiece, such as large-scale precision mold is particularly important. Vacuum heat treatment greatly improves its service life. As a result, the enterprise originally used 10 precision molds a year, and now only needs to use 2-3 precision molds. The enterprise has greatly saved production cost and improved economic efficiency.

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