What is role heat treatment process for truncated teeth?

One of the most important parts in coal mining is the cutting tooth. The cutting teeth are easy to be worn in the work of shearer, so the cutting teeth must go through the heat treatment process in the process of production, so what is the role of the heat treatment process? Why is the heat treatment process required for the truncated tooth?

What is role heat treatment process for truncated teeth

Heat treatment process is mainly composed of quenching and tempering, or normalizing and tempering two processes, the general steel material heat treatment process is normalizing and tempering. What are normalizing and tempering? Normalizing is also known as normalization. The processing temperature is between 727℃ and 912℃. After a period of insulation, the material is taken out and sprayed in the air or cooled for treatment. The purpose of this is to homogenize the composition of the material and increase the hardness of the steel material. Tempering is the next step after the completion of normalizing steps, steel placed in the medium to cool the treatment, tempering treatment is to remove the internal stress in the steel, enhance the toughness of the steel.

The steel used to make the cut teeth must be heat treated, otherwise the cut teeth must not be too strong hardness, or even unable to complete the mining work. In the process of heat treatment, the steel used for cutting teeth is strictly selected. It not only has strong hardness, but also has good toughness and wear resistance. The use of efficient cutting teeth in coal mining not only improves the work efficiency, but also does not waste effective resources, is the preferred part of coal mining.

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