What factors will affect the effect of heat treatment process

Many manufacturers, in order to ensure the quality and reliability of high-strength fasteners after the production of fasteners, will carry out heat treatment process for high-strength fasteners, but there are many factors that will affect the effect of heat treatment process for high-strength fasteners, mainly including the following four types:

1、 Equipment tooling

(1) There are many kinds of production equipment and tools for heat treatment of high-strength fasteners, and sometimes some measuring instruments are used. Therefore, operators are required to strictly abide by the operating procedures of equipment, tooling and measuring tools, operate in a civilized manner, and maintain correctly and reasonably.

(2) The maintenance personnel of high strength fastener heat treatment equipment shall do well in the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the equipment, and timely carry out the improvement maintenance of the equipment.

(3) Strictly implement the management system of tooling station instruments, strictly implement the management system of measurement, and do a good job in the calibration, maintenance and identification of measuring instruments according to the regulations.

2、 Fastener material

In the process of heat treatment production, after materials are processed, transferred and counted, due to some factors, there may be mixed materials, wrong materials, loss, corrosion, bump and deformation, which will affect the strength of fastener materials. Therefore, we should pay special attention to this aspect, work carefully, and do a good job in inspection, identification and storage of materials.

In addition, in the production of heat treatment, if problems are found in high-strength fastener materials, they can be solved well as long as they are repaired by corresponding technology in time.

3、 Participants

Quality control is process control, which can be done well not only by several people or departments. Therefore, we should do the following:

(1) Clarify the responsibilities and authorities of all kinds of personnel, and stipulate that employees must bear the responsibility of solving problems when exercising their rights.

(2) It is necessary to organize post training in a planned way, and carry out qualification certification for important posts, so as to improve the operation skills and quality control skills of personnel.

4、 Process specification

The theory and practice of heat treatment production technology are very strong, so we need to have a set of suitable heat treatment process, but also a more perfect operation specification, so that we can control the quality of heat treatment. To make the heat treatment process, the appropriate process parameters should be selected according to the specific high-strength fastener materials, relevant equipment and tooling, as well as the operation skills of employees. This requires that the heat treatment process personnel must be familiar with the production site, and constantly confirm and improve the process through practice, and continue to improve.

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