What factors affect the filtration accuracy of vacuum oil filter

Vacuum oil filter is mainly used to filter solid impurities and excess water in the oil, improve the purity of oil products, improve the performance of oil products, improve the efficiency of mechanical equipment.

What factors affect the filtration accuracy of vacuum oil filter

It is also known as a vacuum high efficiency oil filter, oil filter, vacuum oil filter. It is commonly used in power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgical metals and petrochemical products. Machinery, transport and other industries, suitable for on-site inspection and maintenance of transformers in large substations above 110KV, as well as quick removal of harmful gases (such as methane) from new oil and imported oil to make hazardous gases close to unacceptable decolorizers toxic and harmless. It is equipped with special additives and additives. It is easy to operate. Its decolorization process is a physical process. It does not destroy the quality of the oil. The treated oil meets international standards.

The selection of filtration accuracy of vacuum oil filter is mainly affected by two factors.

1. Demand for oil. For example, insulating oil requires high precision filtration to achieve high insulation value, while large modulus gears require much more extensive impurities.

2. Viscosity of oil. The high viscosity oil cannot pass through the fine mesh, so the precision of the demand decreases.

If one-sided emphasizes the cleanness of oil and choose fine filter screen, can add the operation cost of filter oil machine. Because (1) the filter element is often blocked, frequent cleaning or even replacement of the filter element is required.

(2) Increase the axial pressure, so that the oil can pass through the screen quickly, but often will crush the filter element.

(3) Add preheating oil tank, improve temperature and reduce viscosity.

Generally speaking, the filtering accuracy of fine filtration level is selected as follows:

(1) Insulation oil, choose 1 ~ 5 m.

(2) Lubricating oil and turbine oil below 46 #, choose 10 ~ 20 m.

(3) Select 20 ~ 50 m for internal combustion engine oil and gear oil.

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