What characteristics of pressure sintering furnace?

Application of pressure sintering furnace: it is used for vacuum / atmosphere sintering of cemented carbide, copper tungsten alloy, tungsten, molybdenum, aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnet, neodymium iron boron, titanium alloy and other alloy materials. Features of pressure sintering furnace: ultra high temperature furnace body within 2400 ℃, which can completely meet the sintering of various materials.

Pressure sintering furnace is an advanced temperature measurement, temperature control skills, intelligent, new data skills and furnace planning skills. It is a high-performance intelligent electric furnace which is especially suitable for cemented carbide profession (the process promise can also be applied to other professions). The medium frequency induction sintering furnace produced by our factory is a kind of intermittent gas (vacuum) maintenance furnace. According to the needs of sintering process time, a single set of power supply can be equipped with multiple electric furnaces, which can respectively carry out power on, temperature rise, power off and temperature reduction for a single furnace, and complete the continuous operation.

What characteristics of pressure sintering furnace?

The digital intelligent temperature control system is selected to complete the temperature control process with full active and high precision. The system can raise the temperature according to the given heating curve and store 20 different process heating curves with a total of 400 sections. Internal circulation pure water cooling system and digital flow monitoring system are selected; high performance medium frequency contactor is selected for active transformation of furnace body; comprehensive PLC water, electricity and gas active control and maintenance system is selected.

Let's analyze the cause of production trouble of pressure sintering furnace today. Analysis of the causes of the accident of the pressure sintering furnace: unreasonable structure, unqualified raw materials, poor welding quality, poor strength of pressure components and other reasons for planning and manufacturing.

The device does not meet the technical requirements, the standard of safety accessories is not correct, the quality is not good, and other reasons for device modification or repair. During the operation, overpressure, overload and overtemperature, violation of labor discipline, operation against rules, failure to carry out regular maintenance and inspection of pressure sintering furnace beyond the inspection period, the operators do not understand the technology, and other reasons for poor operation.

Emergency plan shall be launched in case of major accidents in emergency measures for pressure sintering furnace, site shall be maintained, and relevant leaders and supervision organizations shall be stated in time. In case of overpressure and overtemperature in the pressure sintering furnace, the air inlet valve shall be blocked immediately; in case of the reaction vessel, the feeding shall be stopped; in case of non-toxic and non flammable medium, the vent pipe shall be opened for exhaust; in case of toxic, flammable and explosive medium, the vent pipe shall be opened to discharge the medium to the safe address after receiving.

In case of overpressure caused by overtemperature, in addition to the above measures, it shall be cooled by water spray. When the main body of the pressure sintering furnace leaks or the first valve leaks, special plugging technology and plugging materials shall be used according to the different container media. In fact, the accident is rarely caused by equipment fault, so it is necessary to reduce the frequency of the accident to a large extent, strengthen the technical training and ideological education of the staff, and also carry out regular maintenance and inspection of the pressure sintering furnace.

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