What are the types of pipe supports for pressure vessels?

Generally, the span support and suspension hanger of pipeline can be divided into two types. Today, the pressure vessel manufacturers give you some knowledge popularization:

What are the types of pipe supports for pressure vessels?

Outdoor support is different from indoor support. Outdoor pipe supports are mainly independent, derived and suspended. Indoor pipe supports are single column, frame, cantilever, clamp column and support type.  

Pipe supports are usually used to hold between the pipe and the support. There are three types of pipe support and fixed pipe support, sliding pipe support and rolling pipe support.  

Sliding pipe support and roller pipe support are used for pipes with large temperature change. Large diameter single report pipes may consist of a single universal frame or tension spring hanger.  

If it is a row of pipes, composite hangers can be used. Each report pipe is fixed to the composite hanger by a separate pipe clamp or pipe support. Lead pipes and other low strength pipes shall be installed in wooden or corner channels. It is usually necessary to make thermal compensation for pipes with higher or lower temperature. Theoretically, as long as the temperature difference exceeds the limit temperature change, the compensation of thermal deformation should be considered. There are two common compensation methods.  

The active compensation method is to use the elastic deformation of one pipe to absorb the cold deformation and thermal deformation of the other pipe. For example, a straight pipe connected at any angle at both ends has the effect of active compensation. The most common situation is that the two parts of the pipe intersect at least vertically. There are no two straight line segments directly intersecting, and the two ends are strictly separated. When the temperature increases, the actual elongation of the two parts are all and al2 respectively.  

Because the two parts are connected to each other, the bending deformation of one part is caused by the extension of the other part. From the deformation point of view of the two sections, in order to absorb the thermal elongation of the long section, the short section must have greater bending deformation, so the bending stress of the fixed end of the short pipe is greater than that of the fixed end of the long pipe.  

According to the common sense of mechanics, only when the Zui large bending stress is less than the allowable bending stress of the pipe data, the pipeline will be damaged, that is, it can actively compensate. In addition to two right angle connected pipes, Shangyin has several other active compensation methods. When the cold and hot deformation of pipeline can not be compensated actively, the compensation method must be selected.  

The commonly used compensation devices can be divided into three types: telescopic pipe compensation device, convex compensation device and filling channel compensation device.  

The straight pipe in the folding tube compensation device is twisted into a certain shape. The function principle of the commonly used arch and bag type compensation pipes is to compensate the cold and hot elongation at both ends of the straight pipe section by using the elastic deformation of the small rigid folded pipe. The return pipe is made of special welded steel pipe and connected to the pipe by welding or flange. Bag folded pipe compensator can be divided into lubrication type, wrinkling type and corrugated type; generally, the turning back pipe with diameter less than 250 mm and the turning back or corrugated return pipe with diameter greater than 250 mm are usually lubricated.

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