What are the types of industrial heating stoves?

What are the types of industrial heating stoves? Its lining material should be selected according to these requirements!

Industrial heating furnace is now a heating tool used by many chemical enterprises, because many industries need a variety of heating operations, so it will be so widely used. So it also has a lot of kinds, basically divide into tube type reheating furnace, vertical reheating furnace, horizontal rotating reheating furnace, reheating furnace with drive rise and fall feeding device and other industrial furnace these kinds of types. Below small make up for the classification of industrial heating furnace, and its lining material selection requirements of these two aspects to give you a detailed introduction.

What are the types of industrial heating stoves?

First, the classification of industrial heating furnace

1. Tubular furnace

According to the shape is divided into cylindrical furnace, furnace, box furnace. Tubular furnace furnace body is generally composed of steel frame and barrel body (or box body), furnace lining has refractory material and heat insulation material, and furnace tube system, furnace fittings and chimney and other parts. According to its heating form there are pure radiation type and radiation - convection type. Tubular furnace is a very common furnace type in petrochemical industry. The following sections are mainly introduced around tubular furnace.

2. Vertical heating furnace

The furnace body of this kind of furnace is basically pressure vessel, such as methanation furnace, medium (low) temperature conversion furnace, gasifier, second stage conversion furnace, etc. The other part is similar to the flat top (bottom) or conical top (bottom) of the atmospheric pressure vessel, such as the effervescent furnace, heat storage furnace, gas generator furnace, most of the furnace body are complex inner parts and lining refractory, catalyst filler.

3. Horizontal rotary heating furnace

The furnace body is a horizontal rotating cylinder, with spiral conveyors or heating furnace tubes inside, and external transmission and reduction devices, such as HF rotating heating furnace, etc.

4. Heating furnace with driving and lifting feeding device

Such furnace equipment is similar to containers, but with external feeding and lifting devices, and the furnace is lined or lined with fire-resistant and heat-insulating materials, such as electric heaters.

5. Other industrial furnaces

Incinerator: used for incineration of waste gas, waste liquid and waste residue. The harmful substances are incinerated and converted into harmless substances for discharge. Such as sludge incinerator, sulfur recovery unit incinerator. Drying furnace: Used for drying process materials. Heat carrier furnace: plastic factory used more.

What are the types of industrial heating stoves?

Second, industrial furnace lining material selection requirements

1, can withstand the high temperature operation caused by the stress action, no loss of structural strength, no softening deformation, no fracture collapse.

2, stable volume at high temperature, will not due to expansion and contraction of the masonry deformation or crack.

3, in the temperature change or uneven heating will not rupture and flake.

4, should have a certain ability to resist chemical erosion.

5, should have enough strength and wear resistance, to withstand high temperature and high-speed flame, smoke and slag erosion and impact.

6. Should have good construction performance, can meet the requirements of project quality, and comply with the relevant labor protection, environmental protection laws and regulations and technical specifications.

What are the types of industrial heating stoves?

Above is small make up for everyone to introduce the classification of industrial heating furnace, and industrial heating furnace lining material selection requirements, I hope this article can help you better understand the industry.

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