What are the types of energy-saving tubular electric furnaces

Energy saving tube electric furnace is a common material sintering equipment in laboratory. So, what kinds of energy-saving tubular furnaces are there?

What are the types of energy-saving tubular electric furnaces

1. According to the temperature and heating elements of the energy-saving tube furnace, there are 1200 ℃ resistance wire tube furnace, 1400 ℃ silicon carbon rod tube furnace and 1600 ℃ silicon molybdenum rod tube furnace.

2. According to the furnace tube material, there are quartz tube furnace, stainless steel tube furnace and corundum tube furnace.

3. According to the structure of heating part, there are open tubular furnace and integrated tubular furnace.

4. According to the furnace structure, horizontal tube furnace, vertical (vertical) tube furnace, multi station tube furnace, inclined tube furnace, rotary tube furnace and slide rail tube furnace.

5. According to the temperature control area, it can be divided into single temperature zone tube furnace and multi temperature zone tube furnace (for example, double temperature zone tube furnace, three temperature zone tube furnace, five temperature zone tube furnace, etc.).

7. It can also be divided into high vacuum tube furnace and low vacuum tube furnace according to vacuum degree.

8. Others can also be used as well: such as rapid annealing tube furnace, CVD tube furnace, PECVD tube furnace, etc.

In a word, the application range of energy-saving tubular electric furnace is very wide. If you need, you are welcome to consult.

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