What are the reasons for hot development of transformer oil vacuum oil filter

The invention and application of electric energy can fundamentally promoted the human civilization and a big step forward, from the science and technology has changed our way of life and work, since the invention has been in a stable developing upwards, and by the extension of electric power industry or equipment is in a hot development position, the transformer oil vacuum filter oil machine is one of them, and to promote the development of transformer oil vacuum filter oil machine hot reason have?

What are the reasons for hot development of transformer oil vacuum oil filter

1. Expansion of the scope of application

At present, it is applicable to large machinery and equipment in many fields. In the presence of these large machinery and equipment, it is necessary to apply transformer oil vacuum filter for filtration so as to improve the oil quality performance. For example, we are familiar with the electric power plant, metallurgy industry, railway and other departments, in these occasions to play their professional handling voltage regulator maintenance and dealing with substandard electrical insulation oil functions.

Second, the demand for stable operation

Is usually the most power equipment for the common people in the home use 220 v, while some industries or large equipment running the required power is higher than normal, so the transformer was produced, the internal is needed by very high insulation oil for lubrication and cooling, etc., quality assured of transformer oil vacuum filter oil machine is to filter oil to high standards, internal moisture and impurity removal, ensure the long-term stable operation to improve service life.

Thirdly, the improvement of filtration capacity

Transformer oil vacuum oil filter, as a kind of product to filter impurities in electrical appliances, has attracted much attention because of its ability to filter and remove impurities. In the past, this kind of product can not make certain impurities in the electrical components completely removed, so it will have trouble on the work, affect the efficiency of the equipment. It is the continuous improvement of impurity filtering ability that makes the transformer oil vacuum oil filter get hot development.

The hot development of vacuum oil filter in transformer cannot be separated from the above reasons. The main reason is that the popularization of electric energy has become indispensable in all industries. And a good transformer oil vacuum filter can provide a guarantee for the filtration of the equipment in the power industry. In addition, due to the continuous improvement in the filtration capacity of the products, the scope of application has also been moderately expanded, thus making the transformer oil vacuum filter in a fiery state of development.

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