What are the performance characteristics of the gas trolley furnace

What are the performance characteristics of the gas trolley furnace? What's the reason so many people are buying

Gas trolley furnace is mainly used in factories, especially in some processing and manufacturing factories, which are mainly used to make steel products. So, the furnace burns mostly with natural gas, and the highest temperature can reach 1100 degrees Celsius. So why do so many people buy gas trolleys? The reasons are explained in detail below.

Performance characteristics of gas trolley furnace:

1. Application: Used for heat treatment of box type wind power castings;

2. Fuel: natural gas;

3. High working temperature: 1100℃; Temperature control accuracy :≤±3℃;

4. Lifting and cooling speed: 0 ~ 200℃/h(heating);

5. Environmental protection index of energy consumption: energy consumption reaches the national standard of special furnace; Environmental protection has reached the national industry standard. Preheating air ≤300℃, surface temperature rise of furnace body ≤60℃, outer wall temperature rise of hot air pipe ≤30℃;

6. Adopt high speed automatic temperature control burner with outlet speed of 100s/m.

Why do so many people buy gas trolley stoves?

1, gas trolley furnace compared with the ordinary electric furnace, its fuel costs are lower, the temperature in the furnace can reach a certain level in a short time, and its energy consumption is low, and the service life is longer.

2. The frame of the gas trolley furnace is made of various large steel structures mixed and welded. The outer sealing plate is colored steel plate, which has obvious sealing effect.

3, the chimney is installed with automatic furnace pressure control system and butterfly valve, can quickly adjust its temperature.

4. High speed burner is used for heating with both sides of cloth. Continuously proportionally regulated combustion.

Actuators to adjust the size of air volume, through the size of the proportional valve to adjust the volume of gas, achieve air-fuel ratio, combustion gas and air has a lower limit, each burner gas pipe is equipped with the control solenoid valve, each burner with complete combustion controller independently, with automatic ignition, flame detection, automatic fire alarm to snuff out.

5. High speed burner is used for heating, with both sides of cloth and continuous proportional regulation of combustion. Actuators regulate the size of the air volume, through the proportional valve to regulate the size of the gas volume, to achieve the proportional combustion of air.

The lower limit of gas and air volume is set, the control solenoid valve is set on the gas pipe of each burner, and each burner is equipped with an independent and complete combustion controller, with automatic ignition, flame detection, fire extinguishing alarm and automatic air termination.

This fully ensures the stability and safety of the combustion temperature control system.

To sum up, "the performance characteristics and advantages of gas trolley furnace" is introduced here, I hope to bring help for the readers.

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