What are the methods of die surface heat treatment?

The key technology of die pre hardening is the development, design and implementation of the material manufacturer. According to the adjustment of steel composition and configuration of relative heat treatment equipment, the pre hardening control module with stable quality can be produced in batch.

According to the surface coating, surface modified material or composite solution technology, the heat treatment plant changes the shape, composition, organizational structure and in-situ stress of mold surface to obtain the automatic control of surface characteristics. What are the methods of die surface heat treatment?

From the surface treatment method, it can be divided into: organic chemical method, physical method, physical method and mechanical equipment method. Although there are many new solutions to improve the surface characteristics of the mold, the key points in the mold processing are high frequency quenching, nitriding and hard bottom film accumulation.

Because the high-frequency quenching technology can produce high-quality surface layer, and the high-frequency quenching process and the quenching process of die steel have excellent flexibility, in addition, the high-frequency quenching temperature is low, the high-frequency quenching does not need water cooling after the high-frequency quenching, and the deformation of the die is very small, so the selection of high-frequency quenching technology is earlier and also widely used.

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