What are the methods of anti-fuel filtration in power plants?

The anti-fuel oil used in power plant, that is, the anti-fuel oil produced impurities and moisture after use, seriously affect the quality of oil and the normal operation of the power plant unit system, want to deal with the water in the anti-fuel and how to purify the magazine? The oil filter provides you with the following two filtration solutions:

What are the methods of anti-fuel filtration in power plants?

Option 1: Equipped with filters, dewatering and dry ion-exchange resin deacidifying functional oil filters fully meet the requirements of the reverse fuel system for particle filtration, dewatering, acidity control, etc.  

Plan 2: Replace the original diatomite filter element in the EHC system directly with a dry ion exchange resin filter element with the same interface as the diatomite filter element, so as to meet the demand of acidity control in the acid proofing agent -- the fuel system.  

Ion-exchange resin filter requires the flow rate of refractory fuel not more than 4l/min. To ensure treatment effectiveness, it is recommended that a flowmeter be added to the inlet tubing of the regeneration unit to monitor the flow through the ion-exchange resin filter online. At the same time, a 3 + 200 precision filter element can be added to replace the cellulose filter element in the original regeneration unit.

Anti-fuel vacuum clean oil car and for the acid value of the oil purification treatment, the whole machine stainless steel material, oil production effect is intuitive!

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