What are the grinding skills of surface grinder

The grinding skills of surface grinder are as follows:

If the material to be ground is a kind of steel or other alloy, the abrasive will usually use alumina. If it is cast iron, non-ferrous metal or non-metallic, the abrasive will use silicon carbide. Hard grinding wheel is used for soft material, soft grinding wheel is used for hard material. However, soft grinding wheel is used for very soft materials, such as brass, to avoid "blocking" or "loading". The abrasive close to particles is used for hard and brittle materials, and the abrasive loose from particles is used for soft and ductile materials.

Considering the accuracy and smooth surface, it is recommended to use fast cutting when coarse grain grinding wheel is needed, and fine grain grinding wheel should be used when fine smooth surface is needed. Glass binder is used for rough and semi finish, while numerical, gum and shellac binder are used for high finish.

When considering the contact area, small contact area uses fine particles, and the harder the grinding wheel needs to be, close type abrasive is used for small contact area, loose type is used for large contact area.

Considering the operation characteristics of grinding, the grinding wheel of glass binder is usually used for precision grinding. However, for special excellent smooth surface, the grinding wheel of resin, rubber and shellac binder may be more suitable.

The higher the tool speed is, the higher the grinding pressure is, and the harder the grinding wheel needs to be. If the speed of the workpiece must be increased at the same feed per revolution, the feed rate will automatically increase, resulting in faster wear of the grinding wheel.

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